Membership: Frequently Asked Questions

2018 Changes

Why are the membership levels changing?

Membership levels are available with new benefits to allow everyone to experience the extraordinary collection at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. There are more and better programs, events, and exhibitions for you and everyone in the Kansas City area, ensuring that the museum community you support continues to grow and thrive. These new benefits will give you new opportunities to socialize, to bring more guests and to share with friends and family all the great events and exhibitions the museum has to offer.

When does my membership cost go up?

New membership levels will roll out May 1, 2018. As long as your membership is current, you will not have an increase in cost until you renew.

Has the tax deductibility changed for the amount I pay for my membership?

The amount of tax deductibility of each membership level depends on the fair market value of benefits received. For the tax year 2018, the portion of membership that is tax-deductible is the following:The amount of tax deductibility of each membership level depends on the fair market value of benefits received. For the tax year 2018, the portion of membership that is tax-deductible is the following:

Top Questions

When will I receive a membership card?

New member cards are mailed out when you renew your membership and should arrive in approximately two weeks. If you don’t receive your Member Welcome Packet with your cards within that time, please contact us at 816.751.1278 or

How do I cancel or renew my membership?

Call 816.751.1278 to talk with a representative who can help you make changes to your membership. Please note that memberships are a tax-deductible gift, meaning they are not refundable or transferable.

How do I update my contact info?

You can login to your member account to make edits or call 816.751.1278 if you would like assistance with any changes.

Can I split a Duo membership with someone with whom I don’t share an address?

Memberships are for a household, meaning membership materials, including cards, invitations and communication will go to one address.

Why am I still getting renewals?

If you have already renewed your membership but are still receiving renewal emails or letters, please call 816.751.1278 to talk with a representative who can resolve this.

If you do not wish to renew your membership, you can call 816.751.1278 or email to make a request to remove your name from the renewal list.

Can I move down a membership level if I’m no longer able to belong at the higher level?

Yes. Your membership support, at any level, makes a difference.

Are memberships transferrable or refundable?

Museum memberships are a tax-deductible gift; therefore, they are not refundable or transferrable.

Where do I find my member ID or digital card?

Your member is located on the back of your membership card. A digital copy of your card can be found by logging in to our website.

Member Benefits

Do members have to pay for parking in the garage?

Museum members receive free parking in the garage during normal museum hours.

Do my guests get discounted tickets if they are with me?

Discounted exhibition tickets are available for members who need additional tickets above their allotted amount, which is determined by your level of membership.

Do I get free admission to all events?

Most member and museum events are free for members. If there is a cost, members typically receive a discount. Please note that signature events like Shuttlecork and the museum’s annual gala benefit the museum and are not discounted.

Are there specific groups who receive additional discounts, like veterans or educators?

For onsite membership purchases or renewals, seniors, students, veterans and educators receive a $10 discount.

Business Council FAQs

How can my company get involved at the museum?

Your company can involve by joining the Business Council, sponsoring an event or matching any gift an employee makes to the museum.

What’s the difference between a corporate membership and an individual membership?

A corporate membership is for the company as a whole and has benefits that are associated. An individual membership is for a specific individual and has benefits that are associate for that individual.

Can my employer offer discounts to employees?

Companies can offer different discounts to their employees depending on the level they are supporting within the Business Council.

Society of Fellows FAQs

What is the dedicated concierge phone line?

This line is reserved for members at or above the Nelson Society $3,000 level and offers assistance booking tours, event space and reservations in Rozzelle Court. Please contact us at 816.751.0475 to take advantage of this benefit.

What is the C100 group and how do I join?

The Committee of 100 (C100) is a volunteer committee who work to plan and implement signature fundraising events, deepen engagement, and further the museum’s mission. To be a part of C100, you must be a member at the Art Lover ($500) level or above. To sign up, call 816.715.1278.

What is the Collector’s Circle and how do I join?

The Collector’s Circle is a group for art enthusiasts with an interest in understanding acquisition, investing in the community, and building their personal art collection. To be a part of the Collector’s Circle, you must be a member at the Collector’s Circle ($3,000) level or above. To sign up, call 816.715.1278.

How much are event rental rates discounted for SOF members?

This discount varies by level within the Society of Fellows. Discounts are as follows: Collector’s Circle 20%; Benefactor 30%; Ambassador 50%; and, Director’s Circle & above enjoy one free event space rental.

Young Friends of Art FAQs

Why were new YFA membership levels added?

In the past, YFA was organized as a support cohort rather than a traditional membership level. Our new opportunity with these changes is to curate a young friend experience with an annual giving membership program. This initiative allows 21-35 year olds to make a philanthropic impact by engaging with their peers with the backdrop of art, networking, and culture.

What is the suggested age range for YFA memberships?

21-35 years old. This new YFA experience is curated for the next generation of museum donors – providing opportunities for modern mingling, giving back in our community, and celebrating the arts.

How many annual drink tickets do I get and when can I use them?

Young Friends of Art members receive five drink tickets per year. You will be able to use them at any museum-wide event where a hosted bar is present.


How do memberships support the museum?

Your membership allows everyone to experience the extraordinary collection at The Nelson-Atkins of Art by supporting these inspiring highlights –

  • With member support, the museum continues to remain free of charge to our more than 500,000 visitors each year.
  • Membership contributions help fund our annual arts education program for 18,000 school students who tour or take workshops at the museum.
  • The Asian art collection is top three in the world.
  • The Bloch Galleries is one of the top Impressionist and Post-Impressionist collections.
  • The Photography collection, with over 14,000 pieces, thanks to the Hall Family Foundation, is amongst the best in the world.
  • When it was built, the Bloch Building was listed as THE architectural marvel in the world by Time Magazine.

Can I purchase a membership through my Donor Advised Fund or Family Foundation?

Yes, you can! However, to comply with IRS regulations, no food or beverage can be received in association with this contribution and these benefits will be waived.  You still receive daily exhibition tickets, discounts in the Museum Store, and complimentary garage parking.

If you would like to receive invitations to special events where the museum provides food and beverage, an additional personal payment above and beyond the membership level amount is necessary to cover the estimated cost of goods and services.

Questions? Please call the Membership Team at 816.751.1278. or e-mail